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2015 Horne Family Reunion

Bottom row: Sue Purvis Quinn, Joan Brown, Wauweeze Dennis, Madgelene Conner, Marylyn Horne
Back row: Ralph Horne, Jean Horne, Dillon Brown, Randal Horne, Bobby Horne, Jewell Horne, Lavonia Horne, Lemmie Horne


"I dabble in genealogy because I want to know who my ancestors were."

I use the word "dabble" because I have looked into it since 2011 and still feel so new at what is available to us in these modern times with DNA and things such as that. I as many others are curious about my ancestors - who were they, what were they like, what experiences did they live through? I enjoy history, that is part of the reason I enjoy genealogy. My desire to solve mysteries is a huge part of my passion for genealogy. I also do genealogy because I want my children and grandchildren to know and recognize the individuals over the centuries whose lives helped make us who we are today.

Genealogy isn't a task well suited for those who require instant gratification. It's a long-term process and to those who are not like-minded, it seems an incomprehensible pursuit. I would love to thank Ms. Jenny Pakdaman for starting me on this path when she graciously sent me a copy of her GEDCOM file which included years of her own research. To her, I will always be indebted.

However, it takes a family to keep items updated in our file. I still see areas that are not updated. Births have occurred; tiny humans have been born. Some family members have moved on into eternity. So, take a minute to update your piece of the pie. Don't be scared. You cannot mess it up, I have to finalize it. Help make this site the best it can be!

Love the family,
Jay Taylor

William Horne and Josephine Harrelson Horne

According to our records, they were married 27 DEC 1886